We create for you and with you

Who are we? 

Event agency and destination management company. Highly experienced professionals, detail-oriented, creative, reliable and ready to organize best event for you. We experienced, planned and organized it all. Conferences (internal and external),trade shows, workshops, teambuildings, incentives, you name it - we did it. We worked for (not only) global companies such as Telefónica o2, T-Mobile, Xerox, Sony Czech, Videojet and many others. However we work for small companies, private groups as well. Special days to pamper yourselves, parties for future brides, weddings, brithday parties and private dinners, anything you wish for.

And why us? 

We are not an ordinary event agency and DMC, we have something extra. An interesting little detail that makes a big difference. We were once you. We led our own teams, we created strategies, we worked with agencies, we prepared our special days. It gives us the possiblity to understand your needs, your wishes and see where you come from. That is why we know how to listen, how to fully understand your priorities and how to deal with all aspects of of successful production. No matter the message, the occassion and the budget.

We want to be your help, guide and shoulder to cry on. To simplify the process for you and create the event of your dreams . We will help you to create and build both content and visual look for your event. Take care of every single detail. We will do everything from A to Z.
Including :
  • DMC (experted and curated experience, transport and travels, cultural insight, local advantures)
  • Creative concept, time plan and budget plan
  • Content , both ready to roll and designed just for you 

  • Scripts and hosts

  • Design and decorations

  • Invitations and all materials 

  • Audio and video

We have a portfolio of ready to roll activities you can choose from, or we will create individual content just for you from the scratch.

Inspiring and motivating

Ready to roll Inspirational speeches: on generally interesting topics : How to find and KEEP your motivation/ How to deal with fear and anxious thoughts/ How to stay happy and calm in your busy life/ Brain Boosting Secrets do and many others

Ready to roll Workshops: communication skills, management skills, leadership, diversity, public presentation and many others

Your Special: speeches and workshops made from the scratch just for your company and your needs

Working and team oriented

Ready to roll Workshops: teamwork/ cooperation/ communication skills/ public presentation management/ leadership/ diversity and many others

Ready to roll Team building activities: such as contests, games and adventures

Your Special: speeches and workshops made from the scratch just for your company and your needs, conferences internal and external

Relaxing and well being focused

Ready to roll Inspirational speeches: focused on work life balance, well being, stress management, mental health

Ready to roll Workshops: stress management, coach yourself, mental health, skin care, makeup and styling, yoga - breath management and yes: many others

Your Special: speeches and workshops made from the scratch just for your company and your needs

Entertaining and educational

Ready to roll: live music (for your fine dining, getting some local knowledge, dancing and singing like crazy), DJs, stand up shows, beer tapping, bartender mixology, magic, lights, dance, traditional, modern, Czech Experience evening

Your Special: anything you are up for and would like

Our core team 

Petra Šebo

Creative Director & Owner

Will help create the idea, vision, concept, scripts, plans, and make sure that everybody in team knows what to do and when should they do it. Will be with you every step of the way during the whole process as she will be your main contact. 

Lída Poláková

Financial Director & Owner

Will take care of budget planning, negotiation with all the suppliers (including speakers, entertainers and hosts). Will make sure every single thing is running as planned, delivered in time. Will watch closely for you every deadline, every price point and quality of service. 

Dominik Šebo

Audio Video Manager

Will take care of the atmosphere and memories. Will make sure  every graphic material, audio, lighting and visual concept is exactly as planned and agreed.Will create for you all the video and photo content for your communication channels.